Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bye Bye Gainesville

So now that I have officially become an alumni for the University of Florida, I have begun the process of moving back to Jacksonville. I can now live with my best friend (of 8 years but who's counting?!), take the "long-distance" out of my relationship status, eat dinner with my family, and go to the beach whenever I feel LIKE IT BITCHEZZZ!! I'm really excited to explore the urban mecca that is downtown Jacksonville (a whole 2,000 of it's 1,000,000+ residents claim residency in downtown!) and hang out in all the cute coffee shops in my new neighborhood on the river. This also means that I have a whole new smorgasbord of local music to go check out, so get ready to start hearing about it in future posts.
With that said, I am going to miss Gainesville so much :( It is this adorable little town all jammed packed full of culture and hippies and hipsters and crusties (side note, do you have crusties where YOU live? I recently discovered that this may be a central/north florida phenomenon only...) and cute places to hang out/eat/get tipsy and soooo many talented artists and musicians! Right before I began packing up to leave town, we had a birthday for our dear dear friend, Tristan. Here is some footage from the night, my homage to Gainesville, FL: