Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I heard some glorious music this past weekend at my friends house party...

Gabriel (from Totally Nebular and solo work as Tree Hopping, both super good. He's also my neighbor =^.^=) and Jio (His friend who I sometimes see skateboarding next door. Yeah I'm a creeper.)

Apparently these two have been "jamming out" together recently, and didn't have any set plans music-wise, but both are obvs super talented and pulled it off really well! It had a really upbeat, galactica-spacey, pop-punk vibe, and I mean that in the best of ways.

This next band, Resin Hits, was moshing-in-a-beer-puddle-in-a-living-room kind of music, so that is what we all proceeded to do.


This is a little bit of a freestyle sesh/war that went up later/drunker in the night. Great job on keeping the camera straight, Shara.

The best part of this video is definitely Jason (blonde hair, floppy hat)

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