Friday, February 25, 2011

Way in the past, but too grand not to talk about: Shara's Birthday

So yeah, my biffle/roomate Shara turned 21 this past september. It was a paint party/house show/bonfire&drumcircle. Basically all the normal party choices in gainesville smashed into one giant hermaphic super-party! Here is some footage from the evening.

My boyfriend Frank took this video when the party was just starting. He is quite talented at shooting videos with a story. Epic tales of adventure.

He shot this one later in the night:

Some of our friends played music later in the night. This is another biffle of mine, Xochiquetzal, who plays super awesome folk music and sings songs about love and nature and hating the government.

This is my friend Tristan and his friend David, who are the head of music projects Ostral and Levek, respectively:

Lovely night with lots of lovely people :)

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