Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hello everyone! Welcome fellow cat freaks! My name is Colleen, and unfortunately, cats will not be the only thing I am blogging about. Although they sure are cute.

I've decided to start a blog for several reasons.
Reason 1: Everyone else is doing it.
Reason 2: to share recipes! I am an avid fan of food-related blogs and pretty much everything that can fall under the label "food". I make cupcakes, indian food, soup, breads, tex-mex, scones, vegan deelites, fried chicken, mediterranean, raw food, nom nom nom... I might also be sharing some arts/crafts/DIY projects (I have long term plans to build a rabbit hutch... stay tuned!!)
Reason 3: to post adorable pictures and videos of animals. Joking. (.....or am I?)
Reason 4: to write about local (Gainesville, FL atm)/not local art and music, which is probably why everyone ever starts a blog, but I like to talk about it as much as the next person. Some of my favorites at the moment are beach house, mum, neil young (really just the album "harvest").
Reason 5: To document and glamorize my grand misadventures!!

Anywho, I'm off to enjoy couch time with my lovely roomate, Shara. Toodles*

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