Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stuff I like Right Now

1. Xray Eyeballs
I'm not all that great is "genre"-atizing music like so many people enjoy doing this days ("Glitch-folk" "Post-grunge" "Septic Metal"; Jesus christ people, how am I supposed to know what that means? Just tell me if it sucks or not?!?!)
Well I am here to say that Xray Eyeballs does not suck. My attempt to describe them is: they are a lo-fi pop band from Brooklyn, with a sort of 80's goth feel. Plus, this music video is awesome. Who doesn't love voodoo dolls, girls with tattoos in bubble baths, and excuses to puke blood?

2. The Cute Show
The Cute Show basically embodies everything that I believe in. It is a product of Vice TV, and the premise of the show is to go around and get footage of cute stuff! Then, adorable quirky music is added on top of the footage, and voila! And episode of The Cute Show!! They have many episodes about cats, of course, but also have baby pot-bellied pigs, baby walruses, puppies, bunnies, cupcakes, ice cream, and best of all, sloths!

This is one of my all time favorites, about a Japanese cat-fashion designer.

3. Slutever


Slutever, aka Karley Sciortino, is pretty much the coolest girl I stalk on the internet. I started reading her blog when she was squatting in London and have been hooked ever since. She talk about lots of super interesting things like crazy sex fetishes (she's training to be a pro-domme right now, the post about it is hilarious.), dating, gay boyfriends, and her super awesome life running around NY/America/London with artists and bands. You can soak in her words of wisdom here.

4. Mugsy The Cat
All around Bad-Ass. 

5. The Seldom Seem
 The Seldom Seem is a long distance project between photographer's Felix Werbowy and Boy Loyd. What happens is Felix sends a photo to Boy, Boy finds a photo from his collection, then they are posted on their tumblr.

I loved having pen-pals when I was a kid, and I think this is a really cool idea for a modern version of that. The excitement of the pen pal was what you didn't know about them, trying to piece together who they really are through what they wrote to you. With the advent of such joyous things as the internet and social networking sites, very little information is kept form each other these days. 
I don't think that internet friends you have never met are quite the same thing as a pen pal. Although they choose what information to present on the internet, there is inevitably much more information about them presented in front of you at any given moment. Not the same as a pen pal. A pen pal is a person you have never seen, you have never heard their voice, you don't know what high school their sister goes too, or whether or not "Pirate" is a language they speak. 
These two artists are conversing through their snapshots, not through skype or facebook chat. It is so beautiful to me that the internet can provide a pathway for people to communicate in a way that they stay removed from each other, reminiscent of a more "primitive" day and age. 

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