Thursday, June 23, 2011

Resurrection of a Cat Freak

 Ok guys, I have literally died and fallen off the face of the interweb. Fortunately for you, I (finally got internet in my apartment) have risen from the dead, just like Zombie Jesus!

All Hail Thee Holy Undead
I would like to say that I have have gone on crazy adventures and done super awesome great things since writing to the interweb last, but like most people that spend more time with cats than humans, I have led a moderately boring life. I have a steady income now doing two jobs I really like, so at least that's something. I also got sick at one point. Now that I'm back and more powerful than ever before, I will use this great responsibility to rant about some things that have been on my mind this week:
  1. Wild Fires: Is this the straw that broke the global-warming non-believer's back? Fires have been blazing not only all over north and central Florida, but have also been burning through other parts of the United States for over a week now. Can they deny the blatant consequences of climate change? Let us also remember that we are a species that has figured out how to walk on the moon, send robots to mars, make phones that have revolutionized communication and daily life, and we invented the internet. And we can't figure out how to stop these fires? Who's the bigger bitch now, us or Nature?
  2. Cash Cab: I was watching this show yesterday, thinking about how awesome it was. Not only do they have some of the most interesting trivia ever, but it's a show that ANYONE from any walk of life can accidentally stumble on and win some major cash-o-la!! ..... Or is it? The fact is, Cash Cab trolls the streets of Manhatten and picks up people on their way to Waldorf Astoria or a party at MoMA. Not to mention that the averagely educated American would NOT make it past the first round of questions. With those two facts in mind, what is the purpose of a show like Cash Cab? To make middle to upper class individuals just slightly better off? I can't help thinking that the money these contestants earned will be blown on an expensive bar tab that very same night or maybe another louis vitton wallet for the collection. Not to say that Cash Cab is claiming to "make a difference"... I just think it's a pointless and embarrassing circulation of currency. Why do we have to have shows like that, throwing millions of dollars weekly at well off individuals? What if one season of Cash Cab was canceled, and instead that money was used to fund the construction and maintenance of a grade school in an impoverished African village?
  3. The "great" factor bestowed recently on our president by many adoring fans for Obama's plan to remove troops from the Middle-East: Wow. What a surprise. Now that it's almost time for campaign season, you are finally trying to appeal to those who elected you in the first place. Getting 10 thousand troops of the 250000+ troops out (conveniently planned to happen in the month prior to elections) may placate many of the sheep, but not I. How does everyone else not immediately see this as a move to manipulate people into re-electing a crappy leader?
  4. Boyfriends who work too much and on an opposite schedule than you: THEY SUCK!! QUITE YOUR JOB AND LET ME BE YOUR SUGAAAA MOMMMAAA!!!

COMING SOON: The first episode of "Cooking With Cat Freaks" featuring Shara Lunon! 

    1 comment:

    1. my two cents:

      1. we are the bitches of the universe.
      2. cash cab, like jeapordy, like wheel of fortune, like so many other game shows before it is strictly entertainment. the money is syndicated and is received by sponsorship and corporate funding... i.e. they pay to have their show. it's pointless yes, but amurikah likes to pretend that they want to see people do well, but secretly, it's just watching more human intellectual sacrifices. woohoo we are still savages!

      3. it is my firm belief that all politicians are puppets. KERMIT FOR PRESIDENT!

      4. can i get in on this suga mama action?